Setting up and maintaining an indoor grow room is no easy task.  It is not as easy as most people think, and for a large scale grow can become a fulltime job in itself.   It is best to plan out your complete garden before you get started.  It is important to consider many things before getting started.  Check out What a grow room needs for the most common thing to consider.  You can also save some money by doing it yourself.  See DIY Hydroponics for options.


DIY Pollen Sifter

There are many uses for the trim after harvest.  Even if I am going to make butter, process it through some bubble bags, or make oil I like to do a quick run through a sifter to collect some of the trichomes for pressing into hash or just sprinkling on a bowl.

With all the other methods I used in the past I would have a layer of kif on everything.  I like this system because all the kif is contained in the bucket.  You end up with more kif in the long run because there is no loss coating everything you own.  This also helps out reducing allergies because there is no pollen floating around.





DIY Grow Tent

This is a small DIY hydro hut type grow tent I built in the corner of a room.  Made out of 1x2 and 2x2 furring strips wrapped with panda paper.  Overall this was a cheap alternative to the manufactured huts.


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