Bubble cloners are very simple and easy to make. If you are like me there is a good chance you can make one with supplies you have laying around the house.  My first experiment with a cloner was a little plastic container that powder chocolate milk came in. Poked a little hole on the top to hold the clone, and a hole on the side for the 1/4" tubing to go in and an air stone. I was surprised how much faster the clones rooted then when they where  in Rockwool or an oasis cube.  For a nice cheap cloner these things have a pretty good success ratio, quick and easy to make.  They are  also extremely cheap to make.  



container with lid, light tight ideally.

Air pump 

Air stone

Neoprene plugs




Hole cutter





They make neoprene plugs with a crisscross so you can have it secure your clone.  You drill a hole a little smaller than the plug on the lid of your Rubbermaid. Add in an air pump and some air stones and you are good to go.  The air bubbles popping on the surface will shoot water on to the stalk of the clone.  This method will root faster than in a cube, and generally have a shorter root time.

Recently there are companies that have the same concept, but instead of air stones they use water that mist the bottom of the lid. I imagine that this method will root faster, and have always planned to make one, but have yet to around to it.