Well, after some time I am running low on meds. So it is time to set something up. First off I am going to say this is a work in progress. it isn't finished yet. but almost I ebay'd most of my stuff so this is gonna be a pretty ghetto grow. trying to mimic a cheap ass hydro hut I built a 3x 5 box in the corner of my room. I used 1x2 and 2x2 furring strips covered in panda paper. First I made 2 frames for the top and bottom.


I mounted the plate for the garage sale special vent fan I had, then attached plastic fencing for tying up the plants.


Covered them both with panda paper,


then used the 2x2's to connect them with. I covered the back, the two sides and a little bit of both ends with the paper. I added a strip in the middle of the back that I am going to put a strip of Velcro on. Then I will be able to raise my temperature and humidity sensor up as I raise the light

File:wrap1.jpg File:wrap2.jpg File:wrap3.jpg

This is where is stands as of now. I plan on running another sheet the full length of the front with Velcro on the two x2's on the front. At this point I am still working on a way to raise the buckets to drain properly and the intake. Once I figure it out will be up and running in no time.

Finally here is an update.

I used an eighteen gallon Rubbermaid as my reservoir. I use a fill/drain fitting to attach the drain. and use a nipple adapter(not sure what they are called) screwed into the inside of a fill/drain to hook up the pump. Before I would just run the line out of the top. I like this way better. I figure not only does it look cleaner it saves the pump from having to pump up that distance. I have an extra pump in there just circulating the water around.

Ended up using cinder blocks to raise the buckets for drainage. I used half inch tubing for the drain. As well as to feed the quarter inch feed lines. There is only one to each bucket now, but I will be running a second each as soon as I can.

I set up the buckets staggered, I figure I will move the plants around to give the over archivers the room they want.

Other than the fact that the fan is too loud I am very happy with the setup. The fan does do a good job keeping it cool, but gonna swap it out as soon as I can.

I'm gonna have my light and the fan controlled by Growtronix. All I have is a temp, humidity, and relay, but love it. As you can see from the pics I can see what is going on in there at all times. I used some magnetic tape to mount the sensors. That way I can adjust where they are relative to the light.

Here it is up and dry running.

Hopefully, I will grace this room with some lovely ladies.


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