This is a very simple and easy to make kiefer. If you have a lot of trimmings or shake this is for you. Run through your stash in no time.

Supplies needed

  • Minimum of 2 Buckets
    • any size bucket will do. They just need to fit inside each other.
      • I made mine out of a 2 gallon. if you go larger adjust screen size.
    • I find that thicker buckets are easier to get a nice tight screen.
  • 1 lid for the bucket.
  • Silkscreen

Tools needed

  • Cutting tool
    • I used a Dremel when I made mine.
    • A box cutter can work.
    • Saw.


  1. Cut off the very bottom of the bucket. just above the bottom.
    1. It is important to make sure the cut is straight. You will not be able to get the screen tight if it is uneven.
  2. Measure 4 inches up from the bottom and make another cut.
  3. Clean up the edges of the buckets. When I used my Drenel there was quite a bit of shavings. I thought I got them all, but the first run had a lot of plastic in it. So it was useless. A fine sandpaper does the trip.
  4. Cut a piece of silkscreen. 15"x15" worked good for me.
  5. Place the cut bucket in the other bucket.
  6. Lay the silkscreen on top of it.  Push the center of the bucket down into the cut bucket.
  7. I used a lighter to hold down the inner bucket while pulling the silk screen through.
  8. trim up the excess screen and you are ready to go.


  • I was thinking you can make a multi screen set up very easily
    • Just make more of the inside buckets using different sized screens.
    • start off with the finest screen on the bottom working up.




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