If you need to run multiple lights you will need a lighting controller.  Here is a simple set up that can be expanded to accommodate as many lights as you need. 

DISCLAIMER: Electricity can kill.  Do not attempt this project if you do not have the experience and/or do not feel comfortable working with electricity.  Always triple check power is turned off before exposing any wires.  Have all work examined by an electrician to verify all connections are safe.  Do not switch back and forth between your lighting controller and the oven/dryer.  The plus and not designed to be constantly removed and over time will cause a dangerous situation.  BY CONTINUING TO THE ARTICLE YOU AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISK, AND  TO HOLD HOWTOBUILDAGROWROOM.COM AND/OR THE ARTICLE AUTHOR HARMLESS FOR ANY PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH, OR ANY OTHER LOSS OR DAMAGE THAT MAY RESULT FROM THE INFORMATION PROVIDED.