You never really know what is coming out with your water from the tap. Whether you are growing hydroponics or soil it is always a good idea to have the purest water possible. There are all sorts of minerals coming along with your water. Some of these minerals make no difference to the plant, but some can cause serious problems. They can even go so far as nutrient lockout. By running your water through RO you can rest assured that your water is free from any contaminates.

A lot of people think that they can get the same effect running water through a water purifier. This is not the case. The water purifiers are more of a filter to get out the larger particle. Some of the stuff in your tap water is there for a reason and can add to the taste.


Here is a cheap and very simple reverse osmosis machine.  Almost a little too simple, and really isn't much to write about.

As always you can change it up a bit. but here is how I went about it. Supplies needed

1 Mr. Clean Autodry car wash at least a few feet of 3/8 ID tubing 3 hose clamps 1 hose adapter to 3/8" barb fitting 3 zip ties

Realistically I think you can just hook up a hose to the unit and be done, but my thinking is where is the fun in that.

When you open up the unit you will see a series of 3 tubes. one is for plain water. The second one is so you can have soap mix in with the water. I was thinking this would be nice to put ph up or down in, but would probably be too hard to determine the ratio it mixes. The third one is the one we want. .This tube goes through a series of filters that will get your water down to virtually 0 PPMs.   Take not to what side the water comes in at

Once I took it all apart all I needed from inside was the adapter the cartridge slides into. Then I used zip ties to secure the cartridge to the adapter.   Using the hose clamps connect your tubing to the in and out.  Then add the hose fitting to the end of the in tube and you are done.  

The water comes out pretty slow and it is pretty easy to forget about it when you are filling your res.  I would just set a timer for every half hour and continue checking on it until your reservoir is full.  Using a float valve is also an option.

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