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Growtronix is a computer based climate controller. They manufacture a wide range of sensors, controlling devices, along with some extras for Grow Room Security. The Growtronix software uses the reading for the sensors to turn on of off your equipment based on control policies you set up. The policies are what lets Growtronix do its thing. I will get more into them down the way.

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I have been using Growtronix for over over 6 years now and could not imagine growing without it. When I started out growing I bought a fan controller and was stoked when I had control of my temperature. Soon after that I realized I needed control over my humidity. So I had to upgrade to a dual temp and humidity controller. About a year or 2 later I decided it was time to try out Co2. Again I found myself having to start from the ground up. This got me searching for an expandable climate controller. At the time there where only a few companies that could do what I was looking for. My choices where pretty much Growtronix, Harvest Master, and Inteliclimate. I ended up choosing Growtronix mainly because it was easy set up text/email alerts. Where as then there was an extra hardware item you needed to purchase for one, and unable to do with the other. Now that why I loved it in the beginning is out of the way I will get to the review of my current setup.