If you are having problems with spider mites in your garden look no further than DoRight's. When My mother chamber got infested I dug out the sample I got show. When I was talking to the guy at their booth he really hyped it up. I must say that this product lives up to his promise.

With just one half strength application an my pest problem was solved. I mixed the solution at 3oz a gallon and heavily soaked all the plants. You want to make sure you get under all the leaves also. It is important apply Dr DoRight's just before you turn off you lights if your indoor, or once your plants are out of direct sunlight for the day. The Dr's oils magnify the direct light and you will end up burning your plants, and you will want to

Spider mites is not the only trick up the sleeve. It will also rid you of garden of of most pest, and aid in the prevention of powdery mildew. As well as stop powdery mildew from spreading. Although it is not a cure for existing pm used before and you will not have to worry about it.

There are other uses that I will come back and finish up on, but all and all I would highly suggest this product to anyone.