Trimpro is a Canadian base company that manufactures machines to automate the trimming process.  As far as I know they where the first company to come out with a commercial trimmer and have done a good job of holding on to the top spot.


Trimpro has definetly put together a nice line of high quality products. Ranging from the Trimbox a bite size trimmer perfect for the closet grower to the XL AUTOMATIK . With the Automatik you drop in your leafy bud and in no time you you have nicely trimmed nugs popping out the shoot on the side.  They even make the Trimpro Gasoline.  It is powered by a gas motor so you can use your Trimpro out in the boonies.

In simple terms the Trimpro is a grate with a spinning blade below it. The blades create a fan effect. The air movement pulls the leaves through the grate cutting them off as they pass through. Once the leaves are cut off they fall into a bag attached to bottom. What ever size you use it will definitely shave off a huge percentage of your harvest time.


Without a doubt a I LOVE my Trimpro.  I realistically could never imagine going back to the scissors. With this I would say I cut my trim time by at lest 50% if not more. I like my stuff nicely manicured so I go through and clean it up afterwards, but it is not nearly as bad as having to do it all by hand. The overall quality of cut is more than adequate, and when bangin out a lot of product is definitely ready to bag.

I know a guy who was all about the super close cut and insisted he would never use any type of automated machine because it could never be as good. He employed between 10 and 15 people a year for a little under a month. I convinced him to let me run the machine for one day to see how things could go. There was one person cutting the buds from the plant and removing all the fan leave, me on the Trimpro, and another person after me cleaning up the buds. At the end of the day the 3 of us had almost 3 times as much as the other 10 workers. The next day he went out and bought a few of them.

One common comment I hear is that it looks like it beats up the buds pretty good. It really doesn't seem to do to much damage. In all honestly I thought the same thing, but quickly realized that wasn't the case. Myself personally have only used a regular Trimpro and a Trimbox, but both are very gentle with the plant. The Automatiks look pretty brutal, but I believe it won't mess them up. If anything I am sure that the small amount of damage would be worth it in the long run when you consider all the time you are saving.

Without a doubt the the best smoke I have ever had has got to be the goo the collects on the grate of my Trimpro. you have to scrape it off every hour or so.  Like I said best ever.  About the only thing that compares is oil . On top of the trimpro hash as I call it the finely chopped trim in the bag dries quickly and perfect for sifting.  See the DIY Pollen Sifter for a how on a easy sifter howto.  I will try to put a video together next time I have my machine up and running.