Manufacture information

There are many companies that make This product. We are reviewing the system manufactured by R&M Supply. R&M has a large line of hydroponic related items. I went through a company that primarily sells there gear so I will be posting quite a few of there products in the coming weeks.

Product information

This unique reflector suspension system allows you to adjust the height of a hood in one simple movement. The tension mechanism will keep the hood in place once it is set at the desired height. The support strings pull out and retract like a yo-yo. Will work on light movers also! A simple way to raise a hood as plants grow! A pair will support reflectors up to 22lbs. You can get these for roughly $15

Product Uses

As it says above you used these to hang your reflector. These make it effortless to raise or lower your lights. This is good for many reason. The most significant one being able to keep proper distance from your plants. with cables or chain it takes a lot of effort to adjust them. I don't know about you but I am lazy by nature, and feel I have lost out on weight by not raising my light when I should. These take no effort to raise, and can move up a quarter inch if you wanted to. With the tension on the line it is easy to lean over the garden and with one hand raise the light. Perfect when the grow area is packed on you can't get into position to raise them the old fashion way.

Aside from moving the light with the plants you can also quickly raise the light all the way up. This is good when you want to work in the area without having to keep ducking, and if your like me bumping your head. It also makes it easy to clean your glass for your air cooled lights. The yoyos can also be used for hanging and adjusting other things like wires and ventilation ducts. Always seems the once tight ducting starts to sag as the light move up towards the ceiling.


Comparable Products

Many companies make these so there are many comparable products out there. I have used 2 different models and the both work just as good, and pretty much look exactly the same. As long as you get a set that will support the weight of your hood you are good to go.


Overall rating

I give these a 10 out of 10. I believe that that every grower should be using these on all thier lights. I don't think any other $15 product will benefit your garden as much as these.