Sorry for the bad pic, I will get a better one up soon.

I recently found myself lucky enough to have a top of the line name brand filter.  For details of the events for my lucky find check out the Hydrofarm fan review.  I have only had this thing for about a week,  but given the time into flowering I am in, and the fact that in the past both myself and friends would notice the smell when getting close to my house I would say it is working.

I am approaching the last few weeks of flowering, and as you know this is when the smell starts spreading out.   Since I added my Can Filter I have not smelled the faintest hint of anything outside my house, nor has anyone coming to my house with a fresh sniffer not desensitized to the smell as most of us are.

The filter doesn't seem to hinder the air flow much and spits out nice clean odor free air.  When it comes down to it carbon is what filters the air.  Think about that when you are in the market for a new filter.  Competitors will advertise comparable filters, but when you compare them you will notice that the filters they offer have shipping weights in as low 20 lbs.   This Can Filter is close to 100 pounds and most that weight comes from pure carbon.   Think about that when you are in the market.  More carbon, more filtration.