I was recently lucky enough to find  a craigslist deal and pick up a Can Fan Can Filter 100 and 8" Hydrofarm fan on the cheap.  I found myself needing to replace my ventilation system.  After a decade of good service from my previous inline fan I had to resort to an old oven vent fan for a few days until I was able to figure it all out.  When it came time to replace my fan I got to thinking about doing a favor for all my neighbors and add a carbon filter to my set up.  Over the next few days I went back and forth and changed my mind more times than I can count.  I would figure on spending ever penny I had and go name brand for both being good enough for what I have going on now, but would have to upgrade for future plans, then go to going generic for both and be able to have the CFM's and size I was looking for.   I also just considered dropping the filter and buy a good name brand fan that will fit my plans for the next one and pick up the filter later.  In the end I decided on the generic route and had an ebay auction I was looking at.  The brand name was MTN, and doing searches I couldn't really find any info on the company or the products.  None the less I set a number in my head I would payed and planned to go with it, until I found this awesome combo.



In the end even with the extra money I payed the guy to haul them across town I payed less then the generic 8" fan and filter auction ended up to.  The filters shipping weight was 27 pounds by the way The can fan is up near 100 just for comparison.  Without a dout I went the right way fulfilling my name brand components with a generic price tag.


So no more gloating about my awesome deal and on with the review.  There is no questioning I am impressed with the performance of this fan.  My fan came preattached to the Can Filter.  About the only quarrel I have with the fan is that Air was able to flow out of the predrilled whole for the mounting brackets.  Don't get me wrong a couple small pieces of aluminum ducting tape sealed it right up and I was good to go.  I am sure if the fan was mouted to the ceiling or wall as the threads are expected to be used for it wouldn't be an issue.   As I said it was easily resolved and really no fault of the fan.

The first thing I noticed when I got it all hooked up and running was how much quieter the fan was than its older counter part.  At first I thought it was probably because the carbon filter was muffling some of it.  After thinking about it I went and just listened to the actual fan motor noise and realized there was a huge decrease in both sound and vibrations coming from the motor.  With my old fan when I was laying down to goto bed I would sit there and think that the fan is loud and go turn it down so no one out front could hear it.  With this fan I can barely hear it as I goto bed so no more worries from that point of view.

The next day when I was in my back yard I notice a huge increase in the noise from the airflow coming out the window.   This can obviously be a problem when it comes to some people, but for me there is no one behind me so I could care less.  When it comes down to it that is just showing that even after adding the Can Filter I am moving that much more air Than my old 8 incher.

Over all I highly suggest this fan, and when it comes down to it more and more I am a believer in buying the absolute best you can afford because in the long run it is well worth it.  That is true with this fan.  When it comes to fans I am reminded of my days of car audio.  Wattage would be way over rated, but when you read their details, for that wattage the distortion is horrible. and useless in quality when it comes to listening to it.  The same is true for a fan.  The cheap imitations might be able to move that much air with no resistance, but once you add the ducting, hoods, or filters they can't hang and loose a good amount of the power.   With that said I have no doubt there is a cheap fan manufacture out there that can compete.  I just don't have the resources to track them down.  So I suggest going name brand and have proven performance.