Quantum Horticulture digital ballast


I just bought a Quantum ballast and will be writing up a review.  With most digital ballast they create a good deal of interference.  Quantum is the only company that is compliant with all FCC rules and regulations.  This might review might be drastically changing.

So I have been using my ballast for about the last 2 weeks and could not be happier.  I steered clear of digital ballast after buying a 600 watt Lumatek years ago.  It created way to much interference, and my procrastination of setting up the room took it past the return point.  When the ballast was running it rendered my Growtronix system useless.  I went with a Quantum because after doing some research it seemed they where the one that stood above the rest advertising that they do not cause interference.


When I first hooked up my ballast I was turned off by the fact that my GT sensor lost connection indicating an interference.  I played around with wire layouts and got my sensors back on line.   The next time the ballast fired up I noticed the sensor loss communications again, and shortly returned.   At that point I figured it had to do with the start up on the ballast and decided to play around with the wires once the ballast was up and running and it turns there is no interference.  I was able to lay wires on top of ballast and still keep communication with the sensors.

Now you might be thinking that you don't have sensors around to get messed up by the interference, but the fact of the matter is most electronic and digital ballast can cause all sorts of problems.  Do a search on Youtube for digital ballast interference and you will find a video where when a ballast is turned on a radio station becomes inaccessible.  Granted most people don't listen to radio anymore, but it could send up a red flag if a neighbor happens to.

 On top of the low interference I am liking the fact that I can dial down the intensity of the light.  I am currently vegging in a hut as I set up my main room, and would not be able to use it at the moment if it was putting out 1000W.  I have been meaning to email Quantum to ask them if when you lower the bulb output if it lowers the overall wattage the ballast is drawing, or if it still sucks 1000w. I know most ballast still use the full wattage.  Even if it does to be able to use it as half is very helpful when in a smaller space, or transitioning babies to the more intense light.


After around a year of use my ballast started causing interference anytime it was on.  Given the fact I had multiple conversations before purchasing with the owner of Quantum I  imagined it would be a no hassle exchanging it.  I Sent a message through their website and was very disappointed when the response came from R&M/Cap Controller.  Apparently they bought Amerinata wholesale the parent company of Quantum at the time.  I felt deceived due to the fact I spoke with "the owner" of the company over a year after it had been sold.

My past experiences with warranty work from R&M have been horrible and nothing but a waste of time and money.  So I just sold it off and replaced it with a coil and core ballast.  I am guessing that they have cut corners on the ballast and are not as good as they where when they first come out.  I have spoke to a number of people who have returned their quantums immediate because they cause to much interference.

I have been hearing good things about Advanced Nutrients New ballast.  The Bad Ass Ballast they make are supposed to be almost no noise and should not cause any problems.  Hopefully I will my hands on one soon.

It looks like Hydrofarm has now acquired R&M.