One product that I highly suggest is a product called The Rack. It is a hangable collapsible drying rack manufactured byC.A.P. The thing cost me 26 bucks, and I must say it was well worth it. There are 4 mesh compartments with zipper openings. It can hold 2-3 pounds of wet buds on each level. It easily fits in your closet. The Rack can even be hung horizontal. You can then spin it around to flip the buds with out needing to touch them.

I had mine set mine up in my closet. Didn't really take up much space. Before I got this I used a DIY rack I made out of pvc pipe. I will get an article up shortly to it.  I am sure I will keep using the pvc, but it had its drawbacks. The biggest one is that then you are flipping the buds over they would fall off the screens.  With The Rack all the nugs stay nice and contained inside.  The pvc is also it is quite bulky to store. Granted it really doesn't take up much room, but it is still a box I have to store. The Rack collapses to a compact 1"x24" making it easy to store pretty much anywhere.

The rack solves all these problems. The selves are fully enclosed so you just unzip a compartment do your business with no spill overs. The rack is also very portable and easy to store. I will fold down to only 1.5 inches thick. I just slid mine behind my dresser. When I need it it will be there with out taking any of my precious space. As for ease of use I don't think they could have made it any easier. there is a rope on the top that you put on a hook and you are done.

About the only negative with The Rack collapsible drying system is that there is no way to hang a branch. As you can see from my DIY on th4e right I have twine strung on 2 of the tiers. I like to haang dry most of my harvest cause it seems to protect the crystals. This creates more work in the long run, but I feel the end results are worth it.

All in all I would highly suggest this product to anyone. It is portable, compact, easy to set up and take down. It is a good tool that can help keep the clutter out of your way.