In 2005 Sure To Grow obtained exclusive rights to two of DuPont's patients and geared them to the hydroponic horticulture industry.  Mostly pillow stuffing when it comes down to it.

Sure To Grow seems to have an awesome line of products. They make preformed medium that fit almost any application you can think of. The 5 gallon buckets inserts interest me. To be able to just through the big plug out with no mess could make time between runs a lot less bothersome. I use the Higromite mostly, and like I have said the results are amazing. But it is a pain to have to dispose of all of it. Cleanly at that. I always end u spilling on my floor.

The only thing I didn't really like, and not by any means should it be taken as a negative on Sure to Grow, was coloring. I was running Cutting Edge Solution, and their micro seems to be super dark, and that discolored the cube. All I have tried are the small 1”x1” cubes. The texture is very fluffy, I was concerned that they would retain to much water and be soggy. However, that was not the case at all. Seemed the cubes would only grab what they wanted. It was kind of nice because when I would go out of town for a few days I could leave them in a shallow pool of water and they would just wick up what they needed. I have done that in the past with Rockwool and it also works, but always seem they where to saturated.

The conclusion is that this is a very nice product, that delivers on the promise.



I bought the bigger 3 or 4" cube..or circle I should say of the sure to grow.  On top of the fact it had no strength to hold up my "albeit" large plants by the time harvest came, it ended up a nice deep green discoloration from algae or some other bacteria that should not have been given a medium to form in my garden. I have never seen this with any  Rockwool cube I have used in the past, or after trying this product.    This is one product I will not be continuing to use in my garden.  They sell 2 and 5 gallon molded "slabs" but I would be surprised to see them hold up a proper plant as there is no support.  Like I said I started clones in the 1" cubes I would suggest them cause it seems to do well for that, but when it comes to supporting a full grown plant with the larger scale I tried out the plants ended up leaning and grew messed up the rest of the cycle, Even being in Hydroton around the small "in my opinion" medium I had a huge gansta lean as I would call it going on.  That is just unacceptable in my opinion.  To root a clone I would suggest them, but anything above that I would not feel right endorsing them for.