If you found this I suggest checking A better cheaper pollen sifter out. takes this one to the next level.

There are many ways to make a pollen sifter. The easiest is very simple and cheap to make.

All you really need is cup and nylons. You put your plant matter in the cup. Pull the nylon tight over the top. Then all you need to do is turn the cup over and shake up and down over a nice smooth surface. This method produces very low quality pollen.

One way I have always liked is to pretty much the same as with the cup and nylon but will produce a higher quality yield. Get a wide mouth quart sized mason jar and some silkscreen. Cut yoursilkscreen about an inch bigger than the opening of the jar. with the silkscreen tight screw on the lid to the jar, turn over and shake. Depending on the mesh of your silkscreen you will end up with a high quality product.

With all methods you can add items to agitate the plant matter. Marbles or coins to name a couple. This will lower the quality as it will A) break of smaller bits of plant matter that will likely get through the screen and B) stretch out the screen allowing bigger particle to sneak through.

If you have a large amount you want to process you can use the same method with a 5 gallon bucket, or I have used a 5 gallon kitty litter container(vigorously cleaned out of course). I liked this over the bucket because it was square with just a little bit of rounded corners. I was then able to empty out all the plant matter and scrap the side to retrieve even more pollen.

If you are a hardcore DIYer and as lazy as I am then a tumbler is the way to go. I will be writing a step by step for this soon but in a nutshell it is an automated way of sifting. If it where on an infomercial you would hear the phrase set it and forget it over and over again

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File:tumb3.jpg figured I would upload some pics File:tubl1.jpg File:tmb2.jpg]

O.K. I let my neighbor borrow my little kitty litter contraption and he ended up getting the inspiration to build this. He used a couple 2 gallon buckets. He cut one of them about half way and cut the bottom out. Then bushed the hollowed out bottom from the top. This leaves a nice tight screen, plus best of all having the bucket on the bottom it collects all the kif flying out. Was always a problem of mine. would end up with a nice layer over everything in my living room. Having problems uploading, once I figure it out will upload some pics