Tissue culture also known as micropropagation is a propagation technique.  The end result is the same as when you take a cutting from your mother plant and make it root.  I have not yet had a chance to try out tissue culture yet but I am hoping to soon.   There are many benefits of tissue culture over traditional cloning.  

Manufactures claim that you can get rid of your mother plant and just keep a culture to keep the strain going.  I think I would love this fact because it also means that you can hold onto multiple stains without having to have a sizable mother chamber.  It will also eradicate molds and pest, cut down on power usage, and cut down on maintenance. 

How tissue culture works is you cut off a small piece of the plant and put it in a hormone that will make the specimen grow new shoots.  After the plant starts to take off you place it in another solution that will stimulate roots.  I have searched for a time lapse of the whole process, but am unable to find anything.  Once I finally get myself a kit I will defiantly make one.   I will post more information as I come across it.